Thursday, August 9, 2012
By Pablo Fernandez, The Associated Press

Uruguay marijuana

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - A plan by Uruguay's leaders to turn the government into the nation's marijuana dealer has been presented to Congress, where the idea faces an uncertain fate.

President Jose Mujica's entire Cabinet signed onto the proposed law, which aims to take over an illegal marijuana trafficking business estimated to be worth $30 million to $40 million a year.

The law would have government control marijuana imports, production, sale and distribution, creating a legal market for people to get pot without turning to riskier illegal drugs. The text submitted to Congress on Wednesday declares that the drug war is a failure and that marijuana is only mildly addictive, unlike "cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and psychotropic drugs."

But lawmakers are divided on the idea, even within Mujica's Broad Front coalition of leftist parties and social groups.

Mujica has said he'll push the plan only if it gets at least 60 per cent support in polls. An official in the president's press office, speaking on condition of anonymity according to department policy, said the bill isn't expected to advance quickly.

The text says the project's goals include "the normalization and full social acceptance of marijuana use" so that consumers aren't "stigmatized, nor treated as criminals." Instead, it proposes education about the risks of marijuana use. The presidency's website said Thursday that a National Drug Council would organize meetings to "facilitate reflection" on this point.


They were 'Body-butted' to the ground by Kim Dotcomsw stomache. And the complainant is called, MR BUSHYHEAD? Hmmmmmmmmmm?Police justifications for using anti-terrorist officers to raid Kim Dotcom's home were partly based on claims the tycoon assaulted a former staff member with his stomach.

A police form described the assault complaint by video editor Jess Bushyhead as "minor". The form quoted Mr Bushyhead saying the tycoon had "body-butted me in the left shoulder using his stomach".

Dotcom, who weighs about 165kg, was arrested two weeks later on copyright violation charges at the request of the FBI. A judicial review into the search warrants used in the raid, which featured the elite Special Tactics Group (STG), was heard last week.

Detective Inspector Grant Wormald, who led FBI assistance, told the court he sought the group's help, leading to its assessing whether its involvement was appropriate.

The assessment by the group stated Dotcom had a history of violence, was currently exhibiting violence and posed a threat of injury or death to non-specialist officers.

Mr Wormald said the complaint by Mr Bushyhead backed up three elements of the STG assessment. "The assault complaint by Mr Bushyhead was he was physically injured," he said.

The assault report filed by Mr Bushyhead on January 5 described his injuries as "sore neck and shoulders, sore right wrist, cuts and grazes to left wrist".


Secret UK arrest victims case brought up in the EU Parliament MEP Gerard Batten 4th July 2012




MEP Gerard Batten stands up for arrested British Constitution Group chairman Roger Hayes

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 4 July 2012

• Speaker: Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP (London), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group -

• Joint debate: Statute of the Court of Justice of the EU
See: Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned

Update On The Arrest Of Roger Hayes


Watch the July 4th live video from the UK Column - A special 30 minute edition of the UK Column Live where Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish will discuss the real issues behind Roger Hayes' withholding of council tax.

Roger Hayes was visited in prison this morning by Danny Bamping, who took an affidavit from Roger in which he makes it clear he received no summons or invitation to the hearing which resulted in the arrest warrant being issued. Roger also makes it clear he was given no opportunity to speak at the unlisted secret court hearing - a hearing which lasted just long enough to the judge to utter the sentence.

Danny and his team will submit an application for Habeas Corpus tomorrow morning, at the High Court in Manchester, which can be found in the new "Civil Justice Centre".

The application will be heard under "Supreme Court Order 54".

The hearing is at 10am, and we would like to ask that as many people as possible turn up to witness the application and support Danny and his team.

Roger (and we) would also like to express his/our appreciation for the fantastic support.

-UK Column


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We have just learned that Wirral Council, having issued proceedings against

Roger Hayes for non payment of Council Tax, recently decided to enact their

right for a Committal Hearing against Roger for his continued non-payment.


On Tuesday 26 June 2012 a Committal Hearing took place at which Wirral Council state that Roger failed to appear.

As a result the Judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest, and Roger was arrested yesterday morning. The Council spokesman either did not know or refused to name the Judge.

Following his arrest Roger was brought before a Magistrate and sentenced to 21 days. The Council spokesman either did not know or refused to name the

Magistrate, and was unable to say how much, if any, notice of either hearing was given to the General Public.