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Speak with the Claimant?

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1 year 1 week ago #144969 by StevenRichards
StevenRichards created the topic: Speak with the Claimant?
Why speak with the one said to represent “so and so”, or said to do something on his behalf, instead of asking to speak with so and so? Seems people come to believe the state of …, the city of … etc are collective nouns, rather than someone to speak with, or a sound someone answers to. In so-called court, people are answering to the prosecutor, the plaintiff, the defendant, the court stenographer, the judge, the bailiff etc, so are you sure that someone doesn’t answer to the city of …, or the state of …? How about Verizon, AT&T, Walmart, Lowes etc, are you sure nobody answers to those sounds, if you ask?

Why claim to own things, unless you can “prove” such a claim, and how might anyone ever do that? Seems people claim to be and own the name they use, along with claiming to own anything else that might show on paper as registered to the name they’re using… why be so common? If asking to speak with the claimant, maybe you’ll meet someone that shows you how he proves owning whatever he’s wanting paid for, so you might then prove owning money to pay with. “(How might I prove) it’s mine to give?”

Seems if one stays in honor, by not making claims, except maybe “I believe …” or “I heard ….” and “I was/am using …” and asks to speak with the claimant, they’ll meet someone that settles the matter honorably. Too simple? You would have noticed? What’s the alternative, blaming and complaining?

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