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Lose the legal name? or Not?

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2 years 6 months ago #140482 by 11:11
11:11 created the topic: Lose the legal name? or Not?
Good morning everyone. I am at a crossroad here trying to figure out if one should lose the legal name (claims that say legal name is crown copyright) or if we should keep it and use it when we need to. Can anyone help shed some light on this. I cannot find any proof that the name is indeed copyright. I read that there is proof and its on the birth cert but I do not see any copyright on mine other than copyright 1983 bank note company, limited.

Those who claim to lose the name completely kind of seem highly religious (I apologize in advance if I offended anyone with that statement but be aware that I am not rejecting the argument for losing the name just because it seems to me based on religious grounds). I do believe many members of the bar association are ba'al worshiping pedophile demons of some sort even though I cannot prove it (yet). There are freemen who bring a religious approach to freedom while others do not for the most part. I understand there is no correct path but I would like to hear from you guys!

Where can I find proof that the legal name is indeed copyright??
Who still uses then name and enjoys the status of a freeman? (although it may not always be enjoyable lol)
Who has given up the name completely?
Are those who give up the name completely better off than those who keep the name and use it when needed? (Which I doubt because there are big egos in high places everywhere looking to destroy any freedom seeker.)

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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