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Credit Card Credit (Would It Be Fraud)

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7 years 3 weeks ago #41613 by Anonymous
Anonymous replied the topic: Credit Card Credit (Would It Be Fraud)
Okay It´s Been A Week

Since I like a show of hands let´s see how everyone voted:

Total votes cast: 9

Votes for, aka yes: 2 (I think)

Votes against, aka no: 2 for sure are no
5 that I am assuming are no

Ruined vote, lost ballet, abstained: 1

So I am going to assume that the question was ambiguous and not very interesting. Lets try again soon!
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6 years 11 months ago #44732 by Anonymous
Anonymous replied the topic: Credit Card Credit (Would It Be Fraud)
This is a slightly more complex issue than it seems to be.
If you enter into the contract agreeing to pay "money" then you owe "money"...
But if you enter that contract knowing what "money" is, and how their corrupt system works then you would think differently about "paying them back".
I put the quotation marks because they are merely a figure of speech.
Non-existent "money" and non-existent "debt". Step outside of the box.
I have a credit card debt for my "person" and I fully intend to "pay it off". Whether I do that through some form of discharge or numerous notices, or if I walk into a bank with "cash". The debt will be paid. So which would you rather do? "Pay cash" or discharge? Either way you are still in honor.

The key is to always stay honorable!

I myself wouldn't run up a big debt and head for the hills but that's my own morals.
If you see the fraud in their system, then use that to your advantage. I've seen a few successes for credit card debt and I'm working on my own remedies still. I am no longer associated with any "person" yet I feel I am obligated to settle a debt I entered into as a human being... (a "person cannot hold a pen).

Stay true to yourself and stay true to your word. If you make a promise... Keep it!
They have the "promissory note" to prove you made your promise, and even though that "promissory note" is "money" and they make more off you then your card is worth, you still made a promise!
So with that being said, Look into commercial redemption, or pay em off. Stay in honor and keep your promises!

This is all just my opinions of course!

Peace and Love!
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