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verynewtothis replied to the topic 'Standing Rock, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests:' in the forum. 3 hours 9 minutes ago

This is an UPDATE concerning Red Fawn's legal case:

THANK YOU Jordan Chariton FOR THIS UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Standing Rock Prisoner To Be Released to Halfway House

Published on Jun 27, 2017

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( ) brings us some promising news for those of you follow Standing Rock --Red Fawn, a water protector who was attacked by police at camp on October 22nd 2016, is going to finally be released to a halfway house. Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that an indigenous woman has been in jail for nine months, for supposedly threatening police with a gun....a gun which has never been found .
Watch The Original Arrest Video HERE:
Standing Rock Political Prisoner Red Fawn Needs Your Help


terr-y replied to the topic 'Bundy Sons Lose Bid for Release before Trial......' in the forum. 5 hours 58 minutes ago

FBI agent indicted in Oregon refuge standoff shooting
The Associated Press


An FBI agent has been indicted on accusations that he lied about firing at a rancher in 2016 when officers arrested leaders of an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in rural Oregon.

Sources familiar with the case say the agent will face allegations of making a false statement with intent to obstruct justice, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported Tuesday ( ).

The indictment stems from more than a yearlong investigation by the U.S. Justice Department inspector general. The agent will be identified when summoned to appear Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Portland.

Authorities moved in on Ammon Bundy and other leaders as they were driving in two vehicles from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to a meeting on Jan. 26, 2016.

The Deschutes County sheriff said that as Robert "LaVoy" Finicum left his truck, an FBI agent shot twice at Finicum, though none of the hostage team members said they discharged their firearms. The county sheriff's office was tasked with investigating the Finicum shooting.

The FBI agent's bullets didn't hit Finicum, 54, an Arizona rancher who was the spokesman for the takeover near Burns in Harney County.

State police troopers then shot Finicum three times after he emerged from his truck and reached for his inner jacket pocket, where police said he had a loaded 9mm handgun.

One bullet pierced his heart, an autopsy found.

The Oregon investigators determined that one agent fired at Finicum's pickup, hitting it in the roof and missing on the second shot. Federal law forbids "knowingly and willfully" making any false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation or concealing information.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Gorder Jr. revealed in court papers last year that a grand jury was reviewing the FBI actions.

Less than two months after the shooting, the FBI acknowledged that a federal agent was under investigation for firing shots, and four other members of his FBI team were under investigation for covering up the gunshots. The status of the investigation into the other FBI team members is unclear.

It's not clear if the indicted agent is on leave or has been dismissed from the job. The hostage team is part of the FBI's Critical Incident Response Group, based out of Quantico, Virginia.

U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams in Oregon has scheduled a news conference Wednesday afternoon at the federal courthouse. His spokesman, Kevin Sonoff, declined comment. Portland's FBI spokeswoman Jennifer Adams said she was unaware of the matter.

Read more here:


300 replied to the topic 'Event horizon of awakening' in the forum. 7 hours 55 minutes ago

There is so much that can be referenced to current day.


300 replied to the topic 'Event horizon of awakening' in the forum. 9 hours 16 minutes ago

(refreshing this from an older post)
Recording was made in 1967.

Written transcript:


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'Jeremy Corbyn: "Labour's the party of the many not the few"' in the forum. 10 hours 43 minutes ago

These THREE articles from the Canary that I (verynewtothis) POSTED are for EDUCATIONAL purposes:

Article number ONE:

Tory MPs lose their shit at Corbyn’s popularity. And blame the BBC for Glastonbury
By Emily Apple On June 25th, 2017 In the category of UK

Jeremy Corbyn delivered an inspirational speech to thousands at Glastonbury. Across the festival, chants of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” have been ringing out. Support for the Labour leader appears to be at an unprecedented level. And he has captured the spirit and the needs of so many people.

But some Tory MPs are so confused by what’s happening that they are totally losing their shit. And their response has been to blame the BBC for broadcasting Glastonbury.

It’s all the BBC’s fault

... Twitter users lamented that the BBC showed more of Corbyn’s speech than May’s appearance in Liverpool at Armed Forces Day:

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Anthony P Morris

@BBCNews Bias BBC 5 minutes corbyn galstonbury 5 seconds May Armed Forces D Liverpool

Although given May was booed and greeted with shouts of “shame on you” at the event, the Conservatives should be relieved that not more footage was shown of just how reviled their leader is.

BBC bias


Glastonbury is, and always has been, a music festival that puts politics at the heart of what it does. Every year it’s on, the BBC broadcasts extended coverage of the festival and the bands that are playing. Normally, there is little coverage of the politics of the event, and headlines about mud are more likely to dominate the news agenda.

But something extraordinary and historic happened this year. Not only was Corbyn’s speech inspiring, as this tweet shows, the size of the crowd turning out to listen to a leader of a major opposition party speak is simply unheard of in modern times:

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Jeremy Corbyn

Thank you #Glastonbury for inviting me to speak on the Pyramid Stage about how, together, we can build a country #ForTheMany, not the few.

Instead of blaming the BBC for actually managing to cover the speech, Conservative MPs would be much better served at looking at why their party and leader are hated so much across the country.

Things are changing. There is a shift in political engagement. And people are rejecting the politics of austerity for a more compassionate politics that looks after the interests of all of us. It’s no wonder these MPs are losing their rag. They know that their control is diminishing and it won’t be long before their time is well and truly up.

Article number TWO:

Theresa May just found a magic money tree to prop up her ‘zombie’ government, at the expense of 11 million families
By Steve Topple On June 26th, 2017 In the category of UK

Theresa May has reached a deal with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) over a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement to allow her to form a majority government. But the deal came with a price tag of £1.5bn, just days after her party said there was no money for some of the poorest people in society. And it seems the £1.5bn could be coming directly from the mouths of 11 million struggling families.

‘Magic Money Tree’ found in Northern Ireland

May’s Conservative Party has agreed to give Northern Ireland an additional £1bn over the next five years in spending. £850m of this will be spent in the next two years. This is on top of a previously agreed £500m. The extra £1bn funding [pdf] over the next parliament consists of:

•£400m for infrastructure projects.
•£150m for ultra-fast broadband.
•£100m for “immediate pressures” on health and education.
•£200m for “health service transformation”.
•£50m for mental health services.
•£100m to target deprived communities.

But the money, given in return for DUP cooperation on key parliamentary votes, appears to be at the expense of struggling families and sick and disabled people across the UK. Because on Friday 23 June, the government announced that the freeze on welfare payments will continue for the next five years. Something which many believe has directly contributed to increasing poverty.


The new Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke said that:

I would expect the benefit freeze to continue. It is sometimes scoffed at, but the fact is there is much greater awareness of food banks than was the case previously. It’s become much more widely used. If we want to reduce poverty, if we want to reduce the need for people to use food banks, it’s that we have got to have a strong economy that creates jobs.

Most working age benefits are currently frozen until 2020 at the levels they were at in April 2016. They include Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Child Benefit, and tax credits.

£1.5bn looks familiar…

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) warned in October 2016 that the freeze would mean 11 million families would lose £360 a year. But it said this freeze would save the government an additional £1.2bn a year by 2019-2020 on top of the £3bn that was first forecast. This is due to rocketing inflation.

The Walking Dead

It appears the Rowntree Foundation’s appeal has fallen on deaf ears. At a time when spiralling inflation, benefit cuts, and precarious employment are plunging millions of people into poverty across the UK. May has taken money that could help relieve some of the suffering from millions of families. And she has handed it over to one of the most controversial right-wing parties in the UK. All to keep her “zombie” government afloat.

Article number THREE:

Theresa May wants to shut down parliament in order to retain her grip on power
By Emily Apple On June 27th, 2017 In the category of UK

Theresa May is desperately clutching on to power. And she is more than willing to circumvent democracy to do so.

Firstly, she announced a two-year parliament; then, she signed her dodgy deal with the DUP; and now, she is considering closing parliament for a bumper 12-week summer holiday. Seemingly so that MPs don’t oust her from power.

Two-year parliament

Each year, the Queen’s Speech sets out the government’s agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session. If parliament does not accept the agenda or its legitimacy, the speech can be voted down. This represents a vote of no confidence in the government. But May has now cancelled the 2018 Queen’s Speech, doubling the length of the next parliamentary session to two years.

The Conservatives claim the highly irregular move is to ensure there’s enough time to pass complicated Brexit legislation. But cancelling the 2018 Queen’s Speech conveniently avoids a parliamentary procedure where May could be voted out of power.

And as Channel 4 News journalist Jon Snow pointed out:

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Jon Snow

It does not take a whole Government to negotiate BREXIT: why abandon 2018 Queen's Speech amid worst social housing crisis since1945?

Dodgy deals

May finally managed to sign her dodgy deal with the DUP on 26 June. The £1.5bn ‘confidence and supply’ agreement (with £1bn of new money) was branded a “grubby deal” and a “bribe” by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Not only does the deal threaten the Northern Irish peace process, but it’s also a massive slap in the face for democracy. It gives 10 MPs, who together received a tiny fraction of the overall vote, unprecedented power over all of us. And it has come at a cost of £1bn of taxpayers’ money. That’s £1bn of our money that wasn’t in a manifesto commitment.

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Now, the Conservative Party is trying to get an agreement to take a bumper 12-week summer holiday. Parliament is due to go into recess on 12 July. But the Tories are hoping to bring this forward. They’re also looking at getting rid of the short parliamentary session in September. This means MPs would not return to work until early October.

And the reason for giving MPs an eye-wateringly long break that the rest of us could only dream about? To keep May’s shaky grasp on power intact. A Conservative source told [paywall] The Sunday Times:

The whips think if people are in parliament they are more likely to be plotting. They think Theresa is safer if we’re all abroad.

Enough is enough!

Theresa May didn’t have to call a snap election. But she did. And the country spoke. Now, she is living with the consequences of that decision.

The Conservatives won the most seats. This gives them the right to form a minority government. But it does not give them the right to circumvent democracy, bribe MPs for votes, cancel parliamentary procedures, or shut down parliament.

Enough is enough! A big chunk of voters sent a clear message on 8 June. A message that we’re tired of austerity, of a hard Brexit, and of a ruling elite that puts the interests of the rich above the interests of the rest of us. It is not and should not be business as usual. And we need to make sure all our voices are heard to ensure that May and her cronies do not get away with this.


NannyMe replied to the topic 'Quatloo's' in the forum. 10 hours 59 minutes ago

I'm Banned from World Freeman Society!

Its not you. Its the site.

Good job site!


300 replied to the topic 'GMO's & Monsanto took a huge hit!' in the forum. 22 hours 4 minutes ago

California To Add Monsanto's RoundUp To List Of "Cancer-Causing" Herbicides
Jun 27, 2017

Glyphosate, an herbicide and the active ingredient in Monsanto Co's (MON.N) popular Roundup weed killer, will be added to California's list of chemicals known to cause cancer effective July 7, the state's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) said on Monday.

Read full >>


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'TO borrow or NOT TO borrow, is it BAD??' in the forum. yesterday

It is sad that just four words prompted this response:
Let`s finish what Robert Menard said beginning at the 2:37 mark in video directly ABOVE, IN THIS VERY POST: ‘ If you look it (Statute) up you would find the definition of a Statute IS a legislative rule of society given the force of law…’

According to Ann Emmett in the FIRST Video that I POST directly ABOVE this post, where she (Ann Emmett) declares that Margaret Thatcher HAD IT WRONG where she (Margaret Thatcher) said there is no such thing as ‘Society’…An I find myself in total agreement with ‘Ann Emmett’.

And when Ann Emmett declared that the Bank of Canada has a duty under law to operate in the best economic health of the Canadian nation Society’…I ONCE AGAIN find myself in total agreement with ‘Ann Emmett’.

These are three different dictionaries that define the word ‘society’:

First-up, there is Black’s Law Dictionary Volumes 1 & 2:

An association or company of person (generally not incorporated) united together for any mutual or common pursuit.

Second, this from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: :

1 : companionship or association with one's fellows :
friendly or intimate intercourse

Third, this from the Oxford Learner`s Dictionaries: :


[uncountable] people in general, living together in communities
policies that will benefit society as a whole
Racism exists at all levels of society.
They carried out research into the roles of men and women in today’s society

2. [countable, uncountable] a particular community of people who share the same customs, laws, etc.
modern industrial societies
demand created by a consumer society
Can Britain ever be a classless society?
They were discussing the problems of Western society.

And according to Just there is such a thing AS ‘A Canadian Society (please check-out the whole piece):

Then there is this…ONCE AGAIN I SAY:

‘ Hey, capitalistic minded Nazi elites this is ALSO for you…Change is happening...

THANKS Jimmy Dore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Corbyn Delivers Inspiring Speech & Crowd Goes Wild!

Published on Jun 26, 2017


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'Free Trade - NAFTA - SPP - NAU concerning Canada' in the forum. yesterday

This is from The Council of Canadians:

House of Commons Standing Committee seeks input on NAFTA renegotiation by September 15
June 9, 2017 - 12:31pm
Tracey Ramsey, MP:

The House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade is soliciting input on the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The Committee has agreed, "That the Committee undertake a study of the priorities of Canadian stakeholders having an interest in bilateral and trilateral trade in North America, between Canada, United States and Mexico; that all members of the Committee travel to the United States and Mexico; that the Committee invite Canadian stakeholders to appear, including representatives of businesses, trade associations, civil society and organized labour; that the study consist of at least four meetings, and that the Committee report its findings to the House."

NDP Member of Parliament Tracey Ramsey is a member of that Committee.

On May 29, she wrote, "The House Trade Committee is studying Canadian trade priorities with the US and Mexico. While only a handful of meetings are planned, I encourage interested stakeholders to submit your views to the Committee via email before September 15, 2017 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (see also Guide for Submitting Briefs). Again, you are also invited to share your submissions with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

For information on a Global Affairs Canada consultation process - which has set a July 18 deadline for public input - please see this campaign blog:

The Council of Canadians has argued that the government should make clear what it is seeking in the NAFTA talks (we have put forward this list of demands) and articulate its red lines (what it will not concede). We also argue that the Trudeau government should make a public statement that it is prepared to walk away from NAFTA should Trump's demands make the terms of an agreement untenable.

And we have highlighted that - well beyond online consultations and a handful of meetings - there should be meaningful public hearings as well as separate consultations with First Nations, given their rights under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples are impacted by NAFTA.

Beyond this, our three core demands of the Trudeau government are:

1. Protect water by explicitly removing it as a tradable good, service or investment. We cannot leave our water vulnerable to bulk exports or privatization.

2. Eliminate Chapter 11 investment provisions that allow corporations to sue governments over public interest laws or policies that hurt future corporate profits.

3. Free Canada from the energy proportionality clause that locks us into supplying the U.S. with oil quotas that are destroying our environment and restricting real action on climate change.

These demands have been highlighted in 12,013 letters (so far ) to the Prime Minister through this online action alert.

Please add your voice to these demands today.

Brent Patterson's blog


300 replied to the topic 'Comic relief' in the forum. yesterday

Revenge: Watch As Programmer Floods IRS Phone Scam Hotline With Thousands Of Calls

And they finally start reacting. :lol:



300 replied to the topic 'Facebook fuckery and the lack of meaningful participation' in the forum. yesterday

As we exchanged privately, just wanted to follow up publicly.

You have been a gentleman Patrick, and have done a lot to maintain and expand the forum.
Your integrity will be missed.

Peace, love, health and prosperity goes out to you.


300 replied to the topic 'Technotyranny and the electronic concentration camp' in the forum. yesterday

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter & YouTube say they are forming “Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism” - CNBC

Bankers initiate stronger firewalls.


300 created a new topic ' Technotyranny and the electronic concentration camp' in the forum. yesterday

“We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.”
William O. Douglas, Supreme Court Justice 1966


300 replied to the topic 'Why You Should Invest In A NBA Live Mobile Console' in the forum. yesterday

Wrong forum, you peasant fuck.
Take your brainless shit to a dumbed down audience and you just might receive a better reception.


terr-y replied to the topic 'The basic Income Canada' in the forum. yesterday

5 people from around the world share what it's like to get free 'basic income'

Chris Weller

Basic income is having quite the moment.

Essentially a salary paid to people just for being alive, the idea has taken hold as a straightforward, non-partisan means to reduce wealth inequality, lift people from poverty, and increase life satisfaction.

Basic income experiments are underway in a number of countries, including Finland, the US, and Kenya. Many more experiments are expected to begin in 2017.

Here's what recipients have said about getting free cash.

View As: One Page Slides

Scott Santens, New Orleans-based writer
Scott Santens, New Orleans-based writer
Scott Santens

Santens is perhaps the foremost advocate for basic income today. He's also a recipient. Since 2015, he has been receiving $1,000 a month in donations via the crowdfunding site Patreon.

In the two years since receiving his first basic income, Santens has said the biggest benefits are newfound freedom to pursue work he enjoys and the security knowing he can cover emergency costs. He also says basic income can fix an imbalance of public trust based on money.

"UBI looks at this system of trust maldistribution and says everyone should be given a minimum amount of trust, because the way we currently use pieces of paper to measure and distribute trust is fatally flawed without it," he told Business Insider.
Philip, Kenyan day laborer
Philip, Kenyan day laborer

As its name implies, the charity GiveDirectly has been transferring cash to people in East Africa for the past several years. Last fall, GiveDirectly launched a trial version of a larger experiment that will pay out basic income to 6,000 people over 12 years. It's set to take place later this year.

Many of the recipients have little education and work in manual-labor jobs. Philip, 32, first received $99 and then $491 a few months later. It's more than most people make in a year and a half in Kenya, and it let him build his own house.

"I had lost the hope of living a good life and again I will never stay in a rented house again," he said.
Frans Kerver, Dutch copywriter
Frans Kerver, Dutch copywriter

For 12 months between July 2015 and July 2016, Kerver received $1,100 a month — no strings attached. It was given to him by a local basic income advocacy group called MIES (translation: Society for Innovations in Economics and Community).

Kerver was working 12-hour days as a freelance copywriter before his basic income showed up. His family barely saw him. Once the extra cash started coming in, Kerver could afford to take fewer project and spend more time with his wife and kids.

"It's better when you work a little less and have some leisure time with family and friends," he told Business Insider last March. "I think it keeps you fresh."
Juha Jarvinen, Finnish entrepreneur
Juha Jarvinen, Finnish entrepreneur
Juha Jarvinen/Facebook

On New Year's Day, Finland began its experiment of giving $600 per month to 2,000 jobless Finns until 2019. Jarvinen was one of the lucky 2,000.

"I was dreaming to get into the test and now I'm here," the 37-year-old entrepreneur and father of six wrote on his Facebook profile. "I can't even believe."

Jarvinen wrote that he had been unemployed for the last five years when he got wind he'd been selected as one of the beneficiaries.

He says he'll start a new business as soon as possible — a freedom granted by basic income, as unemployment benefits aren't available to business owners whose companies go under.
Regina, Kenyan farmer
Regina, Kenyan farmer

Regina, 60, first described her living situation to GiveDirectly staff as "squeezed." She says she had never imagined herself in a big house before the cash payments arrived.

Her two lump sums mirrored Philip's: $99 and $491, issued several months apart. The first sum went toward her children's schools fees and school uniforms. The next went toward upgrading her living arrangements.

"I am so happy," she said.


terr-y replied to the topic 'Facebook fuckery and the lack of meaningful participation' in the forum. 2 days ago

Total Users: 5080 :Guess that's what most have been through the history of this site....Out of A few forum members That stayed and posted not sure how many are actual full members....Thank you...This does not mean the end....Of any such Society Just this site,Unless one of these...5080 users step up an clone the site as Patrick did when when Amy an Pete tossed in the towel...How are Amy an Pete anyways Anyone Heard from them???
Any Who All the best To You All
We Shall Perhaps Get2 gether For BBQ An Raffle Some Time Down The Roads Ahead..


300 replied to the topic 'Warpigs' in the forum. 2 days ago

This post is about enthusiasm.

Which of these is not like the other? :lol:


Patrick created a new topic ' Facebook fuckery and the lack of meaningful participation' in the forum. 2 days ago

My participation here ends in 4 weeks, it is unknown if these sites or society will continue.

Full (uncensored) details can be found on our members only forums;

What a shitty way to end this, but I said it and I am a man of my word if nothing else.
My only regret was expecting others to be as well.

Stay safe & take care of yourselves.

Peace, tranquility & chocolate. Patrick.


300 replied to the topic 'Warpigs' in the forum. 2 days ago