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Confessions of an UBER Partner

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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #143067 by Thinker2
Thinker2 created the topic: Confessions of an UBER Partner
Confessions of an UBER Partner


UBER is Fraud, pure and simple. Anyone who thinks Uber is profitable is not looking at ALL the Experience. Like the Lyft Driver in the video below. He's only considering the cost of Gas. If he drove 50 hours at 30mph, thats 1,500miles in one week, what is that doing to his Car, what is that doing to his insurance, what is that doing to the likely hood of accident or citation?

The math of being a Lyft driver

At best Uber is a Pyramid Schema, which is also FRAUD, because it make the people at the top of the Pyramid rich while exploiting the people below them. To make Uber pay, you need to get your friends and family to join, each making you monthly "bonuses". It is impossible to make Uber profitable as an independent (solitary) driver. So if you are the kind who likes to be exploited, or exploiting others, Uber is for you.

How can people who want the World to change, make any change if they are not willing to change themselves?

I put the word "bonus" in quotes because you need to use your "bonus" money to pay for your expanses. That is NOT a Bonus. A bonus should be free and clear of all expenses, otherwise it is expenses reimbursement.

Uber is deceiving people into believing they are making money when in reality they are mortgaging the value they have in their Car. When they use-up the reliability in their car, they will not even have a car to live in, because not only will the money they made have gone to expenses, they will have nothing to buy a new car with.

Rental Car (As an alternative to your personal vehicle *)
Maintenance (Oil, Water, Tires, Wiper Blades, Battery, etc) *
Ware and Tare (Car Replacement Costs) *
Return Trip Cost (Unpaid Driving)
Unproductive Time (No Rides)
Citations or Fines
Cellular Services
Registration *
Insurance *

* Duplicated with Rental Car, I recommend using $250/week for calculating your expenses (Don't return your rental late or forget to fill it up before returning it, or you will pay even more).

Ride Total ($) / Travel Time (minutes) x 60 = Hourly Wage (Use your "Online Time" to see more clearly)

$5.37 / 25min x 60 = $12.89/hr x 40hrs = $515.60/wk (based on a single Ride)

$515.60 x 52wks = $26,811.20/year ($30,772.60 US poverty level)

$12.89/hr (Minimum Wage: $10.00)

Will $2.89/hr cover the cost of all Expenses? (If “no”; UBER is eating you alive.)

At $2.89/hr you will have to drive 52hrs/wk just to pay for a Rental Car and keep $10.00/hr for yourself, and what are you going to use for your other expenses like Cell phone and Gas?

Not to mention that $10.00/hr is not a living wage; $30.00/hr is.

How is Uber paying it's programmers and other Full Time staff? If Uber is using its Venture Capable for Operating Expenses it will eventually collapses. The only other possibilities are:

1. Uber is lying about what it charges customers, or
2. Some one like George Soros is funding Uber as one of his Sachems to destroy Americans and America from the inside.

My money is on Soros: "George Soros, you sly dragon." - Vladimir Putin

Violent clashes in Paris: Tear gas & burning tires as anti-Uber protest grips French capital

Another problem with Uber is they never make any mistakes. Any criticism of Uber is always directed to the Uber Partner, because the Rating system has no place to criticizing the Company Uber, passengers can only give Negative Feedback to Drivers.

If the Application (App) fails because of a Cellular Dead Spot, the Ride (Meter) can not be stopped, and the Passenger is being charged while he is at his destination.

If the Passenger ends the Trip abruptly, the App does not know what to do, and again the Passenger is being Charged.

The "Complete Trip" button is hidden off of the screen where it can not be seen or used, until the Partner discovers where it is hiding.

This image is hidden for guests.
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(Watch the instructional video by clicking the image above.)

The UBER Registration process is more like an Aptitude Test, not to see if you have the skills to be an UBER Partner, but rather to see how desperate, and willing you are to being EXPLOITED.


Don\'t FIX anything, Wake-Up, Grow-Up, and Energize Peace!
1. Wake-Up: Recognize the deception; discover your contribution
2. Grow-Up: Be responsible; stop deceiving yourself and others
3. Energize Peace: Apply your energy to loving and peaceful pursuits

Everything is FIXED by virtue of Waking-Up!
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