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An Inconvenient Truth

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #144864 by Thinker2
Thinker2 created the topic: An Inconvenient Truth
An Inconvenient Truth

Most people are familiar with Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (2006), and we also know it has been disproved (by CO2 ) as Fake News, but what is Fake and what is Real?

Have you heard that there is an excavation underway in Antarctica?
Have you heard they are melting Land Ice not Sea Ice?
Did you know it is Land Ice that will cause Sea Levels to rise because Land Ice represents water that is NOT contributing to Sea Level?

So what if Al Gore is perpetrating a False Flag like 9/11?

A False Flag where the outcome is REAL like 9/11, but the who-done-it is Fake (Fake News) like 9/11.

In 9/11 3000 people died and 3 asbestosis ladened buildings were demolished, but the cause was not 19 hijackers with box cutters, the cause was Controlled Demolition.

Perhaps the Inconvenient Truth is:
Seal levels will rise drastically, but the cause will be the excavation of Ancient Aliens in Antarctica NOT CO2 .

This is how the Satanic Psychopaths communicate their False Flags in advance!

Part FAKE and part REAL.

The FAKE part serves to conceal the REAL part.

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Does the swirling cloud look like Antarctica to you?

Or more importantly; Why a swirling cloud.


Don\'t FIX anything, Wake-Up, Grow-Up, and Energize Peace!
1. Wake-Up: Recognize the deception; discover your contribution
2. Grow-Up: Be responsible; stop deceiving yourself and others
3. Energize Peace: Apply your energy to loving and peaceful pursuits

Everything is FIXED by virtue of Waking-Up!
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