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Greetings citizens of New Zealand,

Over the past several months leaders of countries all over the world have been discussing inexcusable spy networks & communication interception laws. Just over a year ago New Zealand was rated number one in the world for its freedom.


Freedom which was fought for by Prime Minister David Lange in 1984 when the US was pressuring New Zealand into allowing nuclear-powered ships to enter New Zealand waters. As a result of your countries bravery to refuse United States demands, the US government suspended the ANZUS treaty which froze United States and New Zealand economic relations. It was this brave stand that has given your country true independence and moral high-ground. Why should your government give in to such a power like the United States now, what has changed? The leaders of your country are being manipulated and corrupted. Do you really want your leaders to take after a country which is carrying out illegal and immoral practices, a government which tortures and orders drone strikes upon innocent civilians. A country which is carrying out mass surveillance on every single person in the world, including their allies.


Under the new act, the GCSB:

– Protects Government communications and important private sector systems from cyber attack.

– Can spy on New Zealanders’ communications content under cyber security.

– Can specifically help the SIS, the New Zealand Police and the Department of Defense, to spy on New Zealanders if the other agencies are authorised under warrant or statute.


A day after the bill was passed in to law, it was made public that the US Military had an interest of funding a new undersea cable connecting New Zealand and the United States that would allow greater amounts of data to be transferred between the two countries and effectively between the NSA & GCSB, as well as other paramilitary regimes. To what extent remains secret. In the wake of recent privacy violations, one can only assume it is to continue such operations more efficiently and more effectively.


It is well known that the NSA as well as other agencies around the world consider that an interception does not take place until the communications are viewed or listened too. Collecting and archiving communications is not considered intercepting. The warrants to intercept an individuals communications simply allow an agency to legally query the archives, pulling up all communications collected since the program began, whether they took place yesterday or five years ago. This is very misleading to the general public, as many believe the collection does not start until a warrant is issued, which is far from the truth.


Police affidavits related to the raid on Kim Dotcom’s Mega mansion appear to show that New Zealand police and spy agencies are able to tap directly into United States surveillance systems such as PRISM to capture email and other traffic. PRISM, a tool used by the NSA to collect private electronic data of users from services like Gmail, Facebook, Outlook, and others, gained international significance this year after classified presentation slides detailing aspects of the program were leaked by a former NSA contractor. The US government has insisted that the NSA is only permitted to collect intelligence on non-US citizens overseas, but critics of the program say that the government’s broad, classified collection efforts capture too much “incidental” data belonging to innocent Americans with no connection to terrorism. The scope of the data mining operations is far reaching and ever growing.


As part of the classified documents released by the former NSA contractor, there is mention of a program named XKeyscore. At the top of every page in the top secret XKeyscore documents, five countries are listed; USA, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand. We see that this has been deliberately set up to allow mass surveillance and information sharing concerning innocent citizens.


To the citizens of New Zealand: We must stand together and unite against these violations. This struggle is not yours alone, but for the whole of mankind.


It is time for the citizens of the world to unite in one voice. Stand up to the would be oppressors and defend your rights any way you can. As long as there is one of us standing, we are legion. Do not give up your rights. Do not turn away from the fight. They will try to vilify us in our quest for justice. Do not believe the propaganda. Research for yourself. Seek the truth.


Anonymous is your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters, your parents and your friends, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, or place of birth. Anonymous is you. You will not be denied your right to free speech, free press, free association and universal right to freely access information without being monitored.


Join us for this battle until your country is free from corruption and mass surveillance. Your right to freedom and privacy shall not be suppressed because of pressure from the United States government. You live in a democratic country and we as anonymous will do everything in our power to remind your government that they do not control their citizens. That they are not in charge of our rights to freedom as human beings. That the people should not be afraid of their government; the government should be afraid of its people.









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