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300 created a new topic ' The Coming Social Media Merge & Your Metadata Footprint Exposed' in the forum. 37 minutes ago

Big brother is on the phone because massaging your ego is big business and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Press lays out the grim future of where social media is leading society.


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-There are two types of societies: production societies and rationing societies.

The production society is concerned with taking more territory, exploiting that territory to the best of its ability and then discovering new techniques for producing even more. The rationing society is concerned with consolidating control over all existing resources and rationing them out to the people.

The production society values innovation because it is the only means of sustaining its forward momentum. If the production society ceases to be innovative, it will collapse and default to a rationing society. The rationing society however is threatened by innovation because innovation threatens its control over production.

Socialist or capitalist monopolies lead to rationing societies where production is restrained and innovation is discouraged. The difference between the two is that a capitalist monopoly can be overcome. A socialist monopoly however is insurmountable because it carries with it the full weight of the authorities and the ideology that is inculcated into every man, woman and child in the country.

We have become a rationing society. Our industries and our people are literally starving in the midst of plenty. Farmers are kept from farming, factories are kept from producing and businessmen are kept from creating new companies and jobs. This is done in the name of a variety of moral arguments, ranging from caring for the less fortunate to saving the planet. But rhetoric is only the lubricant of power. The real goal of power is always power. Consolidating production allows for total control through the moral argument of rationing, whether through resource redistribution or cap and trade.

The politicians of a rationing society may blather on endlessly about increasing production, but it's so much noise, whether it's a Soviet Five Year Plan or an Obama State of the Union Address. When they talk about innovation and production, what they mean is the planned production and innovation that they have decided should happen on their schedule. And that never works.

You can ration production, but that's just another word for poverty. You can't ration innovation, which is why the aggressive attempts to put low mileage cars on the road have failed. As the Soviet Union discovered, you can have rationing or innovation, but you can't have both at the same time. The total control exerted by a monolithic entity, whether governmental or commercial, does not mix well with innovation.

The rationing society is a poverty generator because not only does it discourage growth, its rationing mechanisms impoverish existing production with massive overhead. The process of rationing existing production requires a bureaucracy for planning, collecting and distributing that production that begins at a ratio of the production and then increases without regard to the limitations of that production.

Paradoxically the rationing infrastructure increases in direct proportion to the falloff of production as lower production requires even greater rationing. This is what we are seeing now in the United States, in a weak economy, there is greater justification for the expansion of rationing mechanisms. And the worse the economy becomes, the bigger government will become to "compensate" for the problems of the economy.

In a production society, the role of government is to expand the territories of exploitation and to protect those territories. In a rationing society, the role of government is to control the available quantities of production with a view to distributing them fairly. Naturally, the rationers, as always, get the best rations. In a production society, government is a means of protecting everyone's ability to produce. In a rationing society, government prevents the bigger from grabbing the rations of the smaller and protects everyone from grabbing all the rations at once and starving to death.

The sort of society we have is fit for passengers adrift at sea on a lifeboat parceling out their last crackers. It is an emergency society for the lost and the starving. And perversely we are starving amidst plenty.

The rationing society discourages people from farming and encourages them to peer in each other's mouths to see who is eating more than his fair share. In the rationing society everyone is certain that they are not getting their fair share and eager to sign on to initiatives to get their group's fair share. In a rationing society everyone is an informer because everyone's livelihood depends on informing on others.

In a production society, people compete for production. In a rationing society, people compete for entitlements. Everyone is always bitter and suspicious in a rationing society, and when they aren't, they're resigned and phlegmatic. They either accept that life is unfair or they rave against it. They are either jealous or give up on material things entirely making their society into a comprehensive failure.

I met a man once who told me that his greatest dream was to be feasting at a full table while outside hungry people pass by and look longingly through the window. This is the type of mindset that a rationing society produces. Its denizens instinctively absorb the idea that resources are finite and their competitiveness takes place at a zero sum level that is incomprehensible in any open society.

In a rationing society, people are certain that if another has something, then he came by it unfairly. And every group has an exaggerated sense of the material prosperity of other groups. This is not a bug, it is a feature. The rationing society deliberately cultivates a sense of unfairness to make it clear that individual efforts are meaningless and the only thing that matters is one's connections to the rationers and the degree of mutual support from the group for the rationers and the rationers for the group.

Individual initiative is discouraged by a web of bureaucracy to make it difficult for individuals to act outside the plan. In a monopolistic system, rules and permits make it difficult for the individual to move forward. The permit regime also promotes corruption which makes honest enterprise almost impossible. Through these means the system restrains the micro, which is ordinarily too small to be properly controlled, while focusing on the macro.

The rationing of present day America, which has the resources, the wealth and the techniques to produce, is being managed in political terms. The politicians still talk in terms of innovation and production, even while enacting policies meant to discourage both. The dominant political class has been dedicated to one form of rationing or another throughout the 20th Century. The only difference between them is the degree of radicalism and their understanding that the rationing is a transition, rather than a safety net or an emergency measure.

When you listen to the larger message of the left, it is one of finity. We have a finite amount of planetary resources and domestic wealth. This finity represents a global and national crisis that has to be tackled with rationing mechanisms. We are all on a lifeboat and some of us are gobbling up more than their fair share of rations. Unless the rationers step forward, seize everyone's rations and pass out limited rations, then we are all doomed.

The essential 21st Century conflict is between the rationers and the producers. This is not a class conflict, that is the fallacy that the left has fallen into for over a century. It is a conflict between a system of bureaucratic collectivism and a society of individuals. It is not a conflict between the rich and the poor, the majority of the rationers are either rich or close enough to it. Their charges may be poor, but the representatives of their victim groups invariably become rich. The rationer camp is funded by some of the wealthiest men and companies in America who agree with its premise that we need to ration everything from children to jobs to food to carbon emissions.

This is a fundamental philosophical conflict between those who believe in a free society and those who believe in a managed society. It is not simply a conflict between capitalism and socialism, many of the capitalists are on the side of the rationers because they agree with them or profit from the rationing. It is a conflict that predates the American Revolution, a conflict that became inevitable with the rise of the supercity and the closing of the frontier.

This is a struggle between those who believe that people should be managed and those who believe that people should manage themselves. Our institutions now depend on a class of managers who fill the ranks of the institutions of the public and private sector, who produce little, but whose goal is to make production completely predictable. And we are, in short, being managed to death.

Scientific management, rather than predicting human variables, has done its best to make everything predictable, and a perfectly predictable thing is static. It has no ability to move forward. The drive to make the behavior of people predictable has led to the institutionalism of every aspect of life. And that has led to rationing programs that depend on predictability, and when that predictability fails,respond with greater efforts at control.

A production society defines achievement in terms of production. A rationing society defines it in terms of control. In a rationing society, it is possible to starve amidst plenty because the rationers would rather see people starve, than lose control over them.


vanda replied to the topic 'Court Case: Sovereign Man Against The State Apparatus' in the forum. 17 hours 45 minutes ago

Here's the link:

07 April 2017, Zagreb - Croatia
Historic Victory in Court for Sovereign Freeman over Police - State Apparatus
(english and italian version coming in the next 20-30 days)


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'TO borrow or NOT TO borrow, is it BAD??' in the forum. yesterday

This COMBINED WITH the other ways that I propose here HOW-TO GO ABOUT FUNDING these endeavours and For Me it will go along way into DOING JUST THAT!!


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'Technologies that I believe can HELP humanity:' in the forum. yesterday

:) = ;)

PEI Rocks Wind Power with highest integration in North America

In less than a decade Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada replaced most of its on-island diesel generation with much less expensive wind power. Today, at 26% the island province has the highest levels of wind power integration in North America and they are not stopping there.
145. PEI Rocks Wind Power with highest integration in North America


500 Alberta schools powered by renewable wind energy

Through an innovative agreement with 26 school districts the Bull Creek wind farm in Alberta powers 500 rural Alberta schools providing the districts with long term price stability and 100% renewable energy for their schools.

Learn more: blog, podcast and photos:
Green Energy Futures:
151. 500 Alberta schools powered by renewable wind energy


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'TO borrow or NOT TO borrow, is it BAD??' in the forum. yesterday

:) + ;) = :whistle:

I AGREE VERY MUCH WITH Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!!

This is from London, Ontario, Canada at UWO's Alumni Hall. January 13, 2017.
Trudeau Gets His Ass Handed To Him By UWO Student!!!

This is a partial EXCERPT from this link:

verynewtothis wrote: ...

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Canada was worth 1550.54 billion US dollars in 2015.

The gross domestic product (GDP) measures of national income and output for a given country's economy. The gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country in a stipulated period of time. This page provides - Canada GDP - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.


the 'Canadian Federation of Independent Business' (CFIB).

Federal (Canada): .........$718,038,426,334.47
Provincial / Territorial: $633,604,038,975.38
Total: ..........................$1,351,642,465,309.85

Try NOT TO forget ... that what applies to America DOESN`T necessarily automatically apply to Canada!!

This is from 'Infrastructure Canada:

Green Infrastructure:


300 replied to the topic 'Comic relief' in the forum. yesterday
300 replied to the topic 'Comic relief' in the forum. yesterday
300 created a new topic ' Capitalism !' in the forum. yesterday

Socialism Sucks. Capitalism creates innovation. Socialism creates a black market for toilet paper. Take a look at how well it's working out in Venezuela!


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'Pull Canada out of the TPP!' in the forum. 2 days ago

What PROOF do you have DR3D9, that shows that Canada is banqRUPT??????????

I ASK simply do to everything that I read and seen so far shows that Canada IS NOT banqRUPT...

Here`s a small EXAMPLE of what I mean:

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Canada was worth 1550.54 billion US dollars in 2015. GDP in Canada averaged 599.85 USD Billion from 1960 until 2015

The gross domestic product (GDP) measures of national income and output for a given country's economy. The gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country in a stipulated period of time. This page provides - Canada GDP - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.


This Debt Clock provides an up-to-the-second estimate of combined federal and provincial net debt, and how it is distributed per person. Figures are based on most recent budget projections and population data compiled by
the 'Canadian Federation of Independent Business' (CFIB).

Try NOT TO forget DR3D9, that what applies to America DOESN`T necessarily automatically apply to Canada!!


DR3D9 created a new topic ' fascism report' in the forum. 2 days ago

I plan to use this thread as my daily log of fighting corporate fascist/banksters/speculative masons/Abrahamic unified diety WARshipers/cabalist/or whatever THEY are.
I hope that's ok. I hope its ok to make it all general public record, of facts and evidence of just how corrupt THEY are at THEYr corrupt systems.
please forgive me I have sad social media skills, yet I am good at pc games. so where to start? before I was born.
the catholic, alcoholic, abuse junky landlord who gave birth to me was adopted. it was illegal for her to have her birth certificate until approximately 2009. I will see if I can attach a quick video of the abuse the police of Colorado have supported for over 40 years now.
ow yeah I had an MRI today for my genetic disorder dystonia THEY made it illegal for me to know about.
example of abuse=
a couple of snipped shots of todays attempt to simply change my address with the Colorado department of human resources.
remember I am trying to work completely legally within THEYr system.


DR3D9 replied to the topic 'Sobering political principle' in the forum. 2 days ago

problem #1 banqRUPT R3public. do you live in a bankrupt republic??? everybody lives in a bankrupt republic nation state not a country.
problem#2 citizenship= a publicly owned slave. this what was given to freed slaves in the U.S.A. after the civil war, so they could not vote. LOL the google definition says member of a country= doublespeak
both of these problems started in America and has been spread around the world in some variant form. the greeks had a true democracy at the beginning, not a REpublic.
Doublespeak, imperative to comprehend this language, and neural linguistics.


DR3D9 replied to the topic 'Pull Canada out of the TPP!' in the forum. 2 days ago

excellent post, cant get the banqRUPT U.S.A. R3public to do the TPP, just go to the next banqRUPT R3public they can to do it. a shining example of global R3public fascism doing exactly what the majority of public don't want.


vanda replied to the topic 'Court Case: Sovereign Man Against The State Apparatus' in the forum. 2 days ago

Court Final Decision: I'm the Winner against three individuals who performs the function of so-called Croatian Police Officers :) :) :)


verynewtothis created a new topic ' Pull Canada out of the TPP!' in the forum. 2 days ago


Many people thought the Trans-Pacific Partnership would fall apart without the U.S. but recent media reports suggest the Canadian government is now trying to push the massive corporate rights deal forward. Swift action is needed to stop this from happening.

One of U.S. President Donald Trump’s first acts was to remove the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. While we profoundly disagree with Trump on numerous issues, we welcome this rejection of the TPP.

Thousands of people across this country have called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to also reject the TPP. Thanks to thousands of Council of Canadians supporters like you, and our chapter activists who are working in communities across Canada, the International Trade Committee heard from more than 60,000 Canadians – 95 per cent of whom oppose the TPP.
(See the committee report, April 2017: )

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has indicated the TPP won’t be politically viable without the U.S., but Prime Minister Trudeau hasn’t pulled Canada from the deal, and refuses to say whether our trade negotiators are working with Australia, New Zealand and Japan to somehow move the deal forward. François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s new international trade minister, is heading to Vietnam May 20-21 with the other TPP countries, possibly to try to salvage a deal.

Prime Minister Trudeau must immediately formally withdraw from the TPP. There is no reason for the federal government to wait to make a decision on an agreement that most analysts – and even his own trade minister – say has collapsed, especially when so many Canadians oppose it.

Take action! Send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Champagne and demand that the Trudeau government withdraw from TPP immediately.
This is the text of the letter:

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Your government has not been clear about what it intends to do about the TPP. I understand that International Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne will be going to Vietnam May 20-21 with other TPP countries to possibly try to salvage the deal.

I am concerned about how the TPP will give corporations the right to sue the Canadian government over policies or regulations that affect corporate profits. The TPP will extend the patent length (and profits) of pharmaceutical corporations by delaying the introduction of lower cost generic drugs. It will slash the domestic content requirement for automobiles, putting thousands of autoworker jobs at risk, and it will undermine family farmers by opening up the Canadian dairy market to imports.

While your government consulted with Canadians about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it's not clear if you were listening. More than 60,000 Canadians and the overwhelming majority – 95 per cent of them – opposed Canada ratifying the TPP.

I urge you to listen and do the right thing: withdraw Canada from the TPP immediately.


verynewtothis created a new topic ' Stop the Canada-China Free Trade Agreement talks!' in the forum. 3 days ago

:angry: = ;)

Trudeau says Canada exploring free trade deal with China

Published on Sep 22, 2016

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is exploring a free trade agreement with China, as he hosts his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang in Ottawa.
Six months after announcing exploratory talks on a new Canada-China Free Trade Agreement, the Trudeau government has finally announced a limited public consultation.

But the online form doesn’t even allow you to say you oppose the deal!

And there are plenty of reasons: not to want a free trade agreement with China:

•More potential corporate lawsuits over environmental protection legislation
•Increased water pollution and bottled water takings
•Trampled Indigenous rights
•Further tar sands expansion

Prime Minister Trudeau knows that 47 per cent of Canadians oppose a deal with China. That’s why he’s trying to sweep these consultations under the rug.

Tell him to stop Canada-China free trade talks immediately, and hold meaningful public and First Nations consultations.

The point of any free trade agreement should be to better the lives of people in both countries, not to grant rights to corporations and push fossil fuels.

Send your letter now!


verynewtothis replied to the topic 'Tell Trudeau No rubber stamp for CETA!' in the forum. 4 days ago

UPDATE concerning the ratification...UPDATE concerning the implementation of CETA:

EU, Canada sign historic CETA free trade agreement

Published on Oct 31, 2016

After seven years of negotiations the European Union and Canada signed the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA) in Brussels, Belgium.

The deal eliminates 99 percent of tariffs between the EU and Canada.

RT correspondent Alex Mihailovich joins RT America’s Simone Del Rosario to break down the deal.
EU-Canada trade deal on winding road to ratification:
Politico | 13 April 2017 By Florian Wicki

Even though the EU’s landmark trade deal with Canada has been approved by the European Parliament and should take effect provisionally in July, some of the toughest hurdles for its final ratification still lie ahead.

Because it was declared a “mixed” trade accord, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement must pass muster with 38 national and regional parliaments across the EU before it is fully approved — and each of these parliaments has the right to stop the treaty.


Some of the 38 parliaments are already pushing ahead with ratification. Latvia’s Saeima was the first to give its green light to the treaty in February, and others intend to follow soon.

POLITICO reached out to the remaining 37 chambers to find out:

Are they already on track?
Who are the frontrunners?
Who’s trailing behind?

Even if CETA passes those ratification hurdles, the treaty won’t be entirely in the bag. In 13 of the 28 EU countries, opponents can launch a referendum to challenge the ratification. Although those referenda are non-binding, they can still put immense pressure on governments to make additional requirements or reconsider their position.

This became evident last year when the Dutch voted against the ratification of the EU-Ukraine trade agreement, forcing the government to embark on long negotiations with other EU countries and Ukraine to reassure voters that the deal is no precursor to EU membership — a fear expressed by opponents of the deal during the referendum campaign.

The concern is that opponents of the Canada agreement, such as well-funded German NGOs, will turn the deal’s controversial Investment Court System into the bogeyman of a renewed anti-CETA campaign to gain traction in such referenda.

European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström warned last year of the risk of such referenda: “We can’t have local referenda on all trade agreements if we want to be serious,” she said, adding they would undermine the EU’s credibility as a trading partner. “If we do that, we can close the shop,” she said.