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If you can make alcohol from leaves in autumn, you can keep the food as food.

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Does the fiction called England even exist?

Dean is unique as far as I know in saying Trustee is what they summons.
I know its a Fiction, (Citizen, Driver, Resident whatever.)
I asked the local council what fiction they summonsed, they don't seem to know (so how the F**k should I know?). The court don't give a shit and carry on regardless. Fair and equal hearing, no hearing, they don't give a shit.

That is the point, they claim you are SOMETHING and it is not a MAN. They claim you have duties, but they can't or won't explain what they are or how you got dragged into the job.

That is what my questioning is trying to get from them. Its been 6 or 8 weeks waiting this time.
For me its getting to feel like time to take them to court. They have failed on all fronts.

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What's this group decision nonsense. You're as bad as the last lot that tried to decide for me.

if all the both of you are saying ...... from this point forward will AS A GROUP no longer......
I hate to throw this spanner into your machinery of state but.....

I just listened to some of his stuff, Dean Cifford talking about the law as he sees it. He makes a lot of good points.
What else of value has he contributed. Loads of bother gotten into and to be gotten out of.

All I expect of DC is that he allows us all the opportunity to watch and see what develops.

He's taken on a sort of stunt man character. Dan Danger. With Truth and Justice as his Crash Mat

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Is this where I ask about the Security of Person?
I need to be competent to administrate. I don't even know what it is.
Being that the Person is business entity, and loans and indebtedness is business related. Because the land and all its mineral wealth are somehow in Trust to the Government and they really owe it all back. And as I foregoe having it now but they promise one day it will be repaid. So I can borrow based on that future value, a security is required, and I have a right to it...?? Guess work
I'm sure somehow law says I am entitled to know.
I was enjoying Eustace Mullins

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This is interesting because its timely.
Dean Clifford said, If the Person is LIKE A CORPORATION, AM I NOT the CEO, and Sole Shareholder. Can I not contract and uncontract according to the policy i set.

What I noticed today is that a temporary employment contract is very definitely a three way not a two way deal.
They "get no choice about tax, we 'ave to."
"You 'ave to."
" I don't love. Can I take this contract to read and understand it, with my lawyer?"
"Give it back, you cant' take that. Its ours."

So as agent to the state, the employer has implemented state policy which denies my right. It discriminates against me? I'm denied the right to freedom of association.

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I don't care about his character
I don't have to share that with him
What of his views on Law?
We all have that in common.

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Take it slow, unless you have nothing to loose.
I lost loads of money, Dean Clifford is loosing loads of time.
I asked what bound me to statutes, the trouble with asking is it takes years to get responses.
Its an implied contract they say, but they have failed on specifics. They assign you, the flesh and blood man, a person, called citizen. When they talk to you they speak to a Citizen.
You can ask about that. The man has rights without the uk. The UK is a society, like the choir is a choral society. You can leave a club, if you ever even joined. Statutes say "Any person within the UK". Look up within, then look up without! Its cool!
Really just keep probing at the links between you and state. Learn all the rights you can. A right is a fair claim! You have them all, or someone will have to deny you fairness! Some necessities seem to have been monopolised by state, those things need looking at closely.

I have a member of staff at the local Council. She is my point of contact. She I am sure is having to ask questions up the chain. Her bosses do the same. I dreamed of my questions being asked in the Inns of Court. Where the Lawmakers hang out. Their private clubs!
No one knows below that level. They don't want us to know, because knowledge sets us free.

So get a point of contact, so you don't have to keep repeating yourself.
Phone in and record it all, post it online, we all need these same answers, we need a good laugh at the hypocrisy. Speaker phone and mic is good enough? They expect us to live within Statutes. They are impossible to know, its an unreasonable expectation. The evidence is that when you ask them, they can't respond. There are thousands of govt staff with billion pound budgets and thousands of years of combined experience, and they can't answer. What reasonable man would expect a lone man to even approach such a task alone! I think maybe Unconscienable contract is the term to look up. Unequal bargaining power!

Things like "regulated banking", "within the UK", "registration, application, submission, license, orders" will have new meaning. Suddenly the bank is a facet of the state, but can they discriminate against you because you are not in a club? All this needs asking.

I like to laugh at them, their unknowingness. Remind them that they Enforce this stuff thousand of times a month!. Do they know what it is they are enforcing. The Newcastle council logo is a Castle. A weapon of war, yet they claim rule by consent? They are desperately back pedalling trying to make the "contract" look legitimate.

E-mail is good, registered post cost money. Once you have a dialogue going it gets hard for them to deny they got things. Tell them if they frighten you, or if they seem to be ordering you around, brushing you off, any of those things. Keep records date order. Try to keep focussed.

Contradictions are what I find. They call you a customer, so where is the contract. You cant own a vehicle, but the UN rights say otherwise. You can't own a property but the right to life requires protection from the cold winter! They have to address these things.
The right to freedom of association. You need to realise that someone is paying for all these things, so if you say no to all of them you may get no dole/pension/healthcare. I'm awaiting answers.

Its a link to the step by step process for lawful rebellion I think if you just want to step out for a while this maybe is easiest to defend in court. It is apparently the lawful way to rebel. I didn't do it, and paid out quite a lot of cash. Maybe I can get that back but I doubt it.

Peace and Good Fortune to you.