We need subscribers to subscribe to this site to keep it alive.
This is a full time job for many of us, and so far we have been doing it for almost free.
The server is not cheap, and we want to offer a quality and secure place for all of you to discuss remedies and so forth.
The reason we are asking is simple. Without your contributions, we simply won't be able to carry on.

$20 a year is sweet fa really, and that's why it's only $20, because we are not greedy.
If we can get all of you to also subscribe to this site, then we will be able to fund a radio and also buy more VPS space to host the radio and streaming server, all for your benefit.

The Societal Membership of $250 is a lifetime membership. You can also become a member. But if you do not want to, and ony want to support us, then please subscribe.

Once you have subscribed, this site will open up somewhat, and other areas will be open for you to explore.
We have installed some real nice goodies, and as a subscriber, you will also get to participate in some of the real important projects we are currently working on, such as the 'Freeman Protection Plan, PACLIP and Laissez Passer projects, as well having access to our Societal Notary.

It's not a lot we ask of you, and if you care enough for the longevity of this society and site then please subscribe today!

Thanks, your WFS Team

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